Fifth edition also open to external students!

For the upcoming edition, we also invite extern students that want to be challenged. To join the event, one can sign up at the registration page. After the next event, we will also stay for some pizza for those interested.

Solutions Fourth Edition!

We want to thank all the attendees of the fourth event! We add a good time, and we loved the way everybody worked together. The solutions of this edition are posted on the website.

Do not forget to sign up!

This Friday (October 14th 2022), we will already host the fourth edition of the MU-Games! Please do not forgot to sign up, so we know how much cookies to bring :).

Solutions Third Edition.

We want to thank everybody for this fun afternoon! The solutions to the exercises are posted in the archive.

Third Edition!

We are happy to announce that the third edition of mu-games will be held on the 29th of April from 13:30 until 16:30 in the Minnaert Mezanine. Registration can be done via a poster at the university or via the registration page on the website. We hope to see all of you there!

Solutions Second Edition

We would like to thank everybody for participating in the second of the mu-games. The solutions are now available in the archive!

Second Edition

It is official everybody, the second edition of the mu-games will be held at: 23nd of December, 15:00-18:00h, in a hybrid setting (MS Teams for everyone, choose between on location/online only for your own team) Hope to see many of you there!

First Edition

The feedback we have received from the first edition has been very positive. Thank you all! For the next edition we aim to include extra problems on the easy side, so everyone can join. Check our Problems Archive to see the solutions of the First Edition of µ-Games.